AL-CO Spare wheel carrier moving brackets

Powrtouch Al-CO spare wheel carrier mover.
A set of plates, bolts & spacers to fit to the chassis, so that the carrier can be moved slightly towards the back of the van to accommodate the fitting of a motor mover behind the wheels, it will fit AL-CO & BPW chassis, but it will only move the AL-CO carrier.
Elddis’s own cage type carrier from 2004 on, cannot be moved with this set of brackets, although it can be removed & a new carrier bought to house the spare wheel.

Price is £35 plus £10 delivery, or we will fit it locally for £80 plus mileage.

The pictures show the brackets, carrier & mover all fitted behind the wheels.

powrtouch spare wheel carrier

powrtouch spare mover

powrtouch carrier mover

powrtouch underslung carrier