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Powrtouch motor mover



                     Welcome to the 2014 season. 

The Powrtouch Classis is now on sale they are renamed model 3 HD's & retail for £799. i am selling them for £740 fitted at your door in the North East Region and beyond.


 this is the latest info on caravan mover sales as of 10/01/2014.

The manufacturers pricing structure has worked well again over the last year, all, or at least most dealers have adhered to it & customers are realising that the prices shown are  now at the cheapest level they has ever been.

New prices have been agreed with Powrtouch for 2014 on the Renamed Classic to compete more effectively with cheap imports, they arn't discontinuing it as was the plan, instead they have revamped it & are using it as a cheaper entry level mover, so i can now offer it for the amazing price of only £740 fitted locally (50 miles) or up to £795 for further distances, max 100 miles including cross activator bars, 5 year guarantee & 4 speed Evolution control panel. 

This Powrtouch Classic offer is without doubt the best motor mover deal on the market today for single axle caravans & the best deal ever offered by Powrtouch, you get the tried & tested market leading mover that took Powrtouch to number 1 with 70% of UK motor mover sales over the last few years, for a fantastic price & have the latest incredible 4 speed control panel thrown in as well.

Now from the best monetary deal on the market today, to the best mover on the market today:- 

The new Powrtouch Evolution was released 2012 initially as fully auto only & what a brilliant machine it is, however customers were clamoring for a cheaper manual version so the manual unit was introduced about 6 months later & for the same retail price as a model 3 HD (now the Classic) from 2 years earlier.)


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             Caravan motor movers, Powrtouch Specialist 

I regularly check competitors sites for price comparisons, on the morning of  the 1st of January I could find no one cheaper & most were considerably dearer, if you know of someone advertising any mover for less please let me know.







For £125 + vat = £150 we will fit any mover new or used bought elsewhere or swop it from your old van to your new one, this price is for any single axle mover or 2 motor twin axle mover i.e 2 motors driving 2 of the 4 wheels, price includes extra cable if needed (within reason) + clips screws etc.

Isolator switches £13.95 & fitted free on day of mover fitting if pre booked.

This offer is for local fitting up to 75 miles from my location in Middlesbrough but can arrange fitting anywhere.

But please check out these other movers fully before you buy, I've been taking a good look at the offerings on Ebay & checking their specs & some simply don't hold up against Powrtouch specs, I've made a comparison page, It lists the most popular & all movers we supply so you can check the specs yourself, its the 5th button down on the top left of this page.

Basically buyer beware, sellers of imported movers are manipulating load sizes to make their units look much better & more powerfull than they actually are, if in doubt take the Powrtouch spec because they are the market leader with over 70% of the UK mover market & then check the other movers against them, Powrwheel underspec their sizes because they want to make sure the unit will last long after the 5 year no quibble guarantee runs out, I sell used units some over 10 years old & still going strong, I really doubt that i will be dealing in these cheap movers at 10 years from now.


Powrtouch Evolution single axle models:-

Evolution manual activation with cross activator £895 fitted. £825 posted for DIY.

Evolution fully auto £1075 fitted.  £995 posted for DIY...or offers

Evolution for twin axles:-

Manual activation 2 motor unit :- £1150 fitted  £1025 DIY  or offers

Fully auto 2 motor unit:- £1295 fitted.  £1195 DIY.                   or offers

All wheel drive 4 motor unit manual engagement:- £1749 or £1549 DIY

All wheel drive fully auto unit £1999 fitted or £1799 DIY. all prices are negotiable so make me an offer.....

The Evo twins are the best turning 2 motor twins on the market today from any manufacturer, due to their technically advanced electronics & their immense power, I never ever thought i would recommend a 2 motor unit for a twin but this baby is quickly changing my mind & to cap it off Powrwheel say that "within a year if this unit is not up to your expectations they will allow an upgrade to an AWD unit for only the difference in cost between the 2". You just can't go wrong with this model...

 Powrtouch older movers:-

Please visit the online shop & dedicated Powrtouch pages to view the full range of movers.

Price match guarantee on all movers, we will beat any like for like advertised price, you see it cheaper then please ring us.

Please read the dedicated page for the Enduro2 as there is a warning message. Also this is not the single axle Enduro2 found on Ebay & various websites.

This is the TWIN OR SINGLE axle version with a much more expensive control panel that lets you choose the mode of operation depending on which type of caravan you have.

Purpleline Enduro2 (model number EM4445) a twin or single axle 2 motor unit for caravans up to 2200 kgs.

Please see special offers above...

Switchable movement from the handset, £725 fitted. Or £615 cash on collection or + £25 delivery for DIY.

Purpleline Enduro2 Quattro, 4 wheel drive twin axle mover £1275 fitted Or £1125 cash on collection or + £30 delivery. In stock. Fitting within the week.

All Purpleline movers come with a Purpleline 5 year parts guarantee, in the extremely rare event of it going wrong you just send the offending part to Purpleline (address supplied) & they will send out a replacement, usually its the control panel on nearly all mover failures of any make so its easy to pull the wires off & replace it.

All Purpleline movers will fit vans with shock absorbers & 8 inch modern L, J or U shaped chassis.

 Please give us a try at price matching any make of mover.

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I have added an online shop, so if you wish to pay by paypal or credit/debit card you can now do so, but ordering a mover by phone, including fitting can still be paid cash on fitting on the day & will be necessary for any special offers.

If you want a general question answering, or a more specific question on purchases etc please email me, or better still give me a call.

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